Himalayan Salt Rock Sauna

Experience Himalayan salt rock sauna: Enjoy moments of peace and relaxation at the first sauna system on Ha Long Bay. Entering the space created from the perfect combination of gentle light and fragrance from natural essential oils, you will immediately feel the sophistication and softness when experiencing this service. Formed hundreds of years ago from Pakistan, It contains up to 84 healthy elements such as Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, etc. Great benefits from the Himalayan salt rock sauna experience include: Helps reduce bone problems; Relieve stress and fatigue; Improve and circulate blood; Improve sleep; and release toxins for bright skin.

Himalayan salt rock sauna on Catherine cruise

Experience a variety of high-class services on the 6-star Catherine cruise – graceful muse on beautiful Ha Long Bay. All is ready to enhance every visitor’s experience. The opportunity to enjoy a different vacation on a cruise will give you and your loved ones special experiences and sublimated emotions on returning to the nature.


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