Catherine Cruise includes 39 rooms designed in a luxury and refined style along with an elegant restaurant and bar, gym, mini golf course, Kids Corner and spa service.


Catherine Cruise plans to develop into a 6-star cruise leading the market of luxury yachts in Ha Long Bay and to provide a variety of services to serve high-quality resort needs.


Catherine Cruise plans to bring visitors a complete experience journey from visiting, sightseeing, cuisine and entertainment activities. We aim to activities that are the harmony between humans and nature along with environmental protection.

Core values

Quality comes from the heart. We hope to bring visitors the best sea passages, where you can return to original nature, explore new lands, and meet new people. Then, visitors will be completely immersed in the joy of discovery like a truly geographical explorer. 

Catherine Cruise is not only a luxurious “floating hotel”, we highly appreciate visitors’ experience. Our success comes from your wonderful experiences.