Catherine cruise – Destination to experience in a memorable summer

Choosing Catherine Cruise for an exciting upcoming summer, visitors will fully experience unique voyages with the first 6-star service on Ha Long Bay.

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Catherine cruise – Destination to experience in a memorable summer


Experience Catherine cruise to posse all unique moments

1.Ideal space to fully experience Ha Long Bay

Summer – the season of travel, right from the first step on board, you will not only be immersed in the beautiful and majestic natural scenery of Ha Long Bay – which is one of the 7 natural world wonders but you can also fully enjoy every moment of unforgettable happiness on the first 6-star Catherine Cruise in Ha Long Bay.

On the 6-star Catherine Cruise, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay. And then you feel the harmony of the heart’s emotions. Standing on the deck and relaxing in the nature are an unforgettable experience. In addition, you will have the chance to visit famous places in Ha Long Bay such as Sung Sot cave, Titop island, Cua Van fishing village, Trinh Nu cave, Trong cave, Luon cave.

2. Experience an overnight stay in the heart of heritage

When the night comes, the yacht is lightened up with magical lights. At this time, you can immerse yourself in the silence of the bay, enjoy the fresh space and cool air. Enjoy the gentle music, you will feel peace and relaxation in your soul.

Luxury rooms and suites on Catherine Cruise

Spending the night on Ha Long Cruise is a great chance for you to get away from the noise of daily life, you will refresh energy and inspire creativity. The cabins on board will definitely meet the needs of visitors perfectly. Try Ha Long Cruise experience to fully feel the beauty of the heritage bay and enjoy wonderful relaxing moments, a full 24 hours in the heart of this unique wonder.

3. Perfect relaxation with health care services on cruise

  • The sauna is luxuriously and modernly designed, using pure Himalayan salt rock.
  • Temperature and humidity are adjusted appropriately to bring you the most comfortable experience.
  • Professional and enthusiastic massage staff: Catherine Spa’s team will consult you the appropriate treatments for your health condition to ensure you have the most perfect relaxation experience.

Experience salt rock sauna on the 6-star cruise is a great gift for yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy this unique treatment to improve your health and your spirit for classy vacation.

4. Cuisine art worthy of the upper class on Catherine Cruises

6-star Catherine Cruise is proud to bring you a premium cuisine experience with dishes prepared by a team of talented chefs, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Catherine Cruise has two luxury restaurants:

  • Harmony Restaurant: on the 2nd floor, serves diverse dishes from Asia to Europe.
  • Ambrosia Restaurant: on the 4th floor, brings classy fine dining experience with the designed specifically menu for each visitors.

The menu on Catherine Cruise is extremely diverse, with dishes made from fresh seafood, premium beef, and organic fruits and vegetables. Visitors can choose dishes according to their preferences or enjoy a menu designed specifically for each individual by chefs.

5. Experience adventurous activities and exciting discovery

Experience adventurous activities and exciting discovery

Besides the diverse and classy services on board, visitors also have the chance to participate in interesting activities on the bay such as:

– Enjoy the pure atmosphere from the sea, sightsee the majestic landscapes of the heritage, do kayak with loved ones. 

– Join in Cooking class on board.

– Enjoy the music parties on Sun deck.

– Experience attractive karaoke service with modern sound and light system  

Experience exciting squid fishing activities at night.

Experience the classy summer on the 6-star Catherine Cruise, we will bring you the unforgettable memories. Please book today to enjoy the classy service and explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

Contact the hotline +84 911282222 or inbox Catherine Cruise Fanpage for further information.


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