3 reasons for choosing Catherine Cruise 

Although the first cruise started in September 2023, the 6-star Catherine Cruise is more popular with the enthusiasts who like to travel and enjoy classy experience. Let’s explore 3 reasons why many sophisticated visitors love and choose Catherine Cruise!

The 6-star Catherine Cruise firstly appeared on Ha Long Bay

Catherine Cruise is 90 meters long, 15 meters wide, and can accommodate 117 overnight passengers. This is considered the largest-scale and most classy yacht ever in Ha Long Bay. There are 39 5-star standard rooms located on 5 floors with luxurious and classy amenities and services.

Luxurious rooms

39 rooms on the cruise are designed spaciously and luxuriously. They are divided into 5 types: 22 Premier Suite rooms with the area of 40m2, 2 Royal Suite rooms with the area of 56m2, 2 Grand Suite rooms with the area of 85 m2 and 1 President Villa with the area of 200m2.

3 reasons for choosing Catherine Cruise to experience

Catherine Cruise offers visitors the most luxurious and comfortable resort cabins. Each cabin is equipped with a super large double bed, which can be flexibly changed into a single bed according to visitors’ requests. Besides, the private bathtub and balcony help you relax after a long day exploring the bay.

With sophisticated design and high-class amenities, the cabins on Catherine Cruise promise to bring you a classy and unforgettable experience.

Rooms with full equipment and facilities

Enjoy panoramic views of the bay from the cruise’s private balcony

However, the difference of Catherine Cruise is Villa President room with the area of up to 200m² like a luxury penthouse on the sea. The room with a million-dollar view helps visitors take all Ha Long view in their sights. With luxurious and comfortable interior and furniture, Catherine Cruise promises to bring you an unique experiences.

Delicate Cuisine 

Cuisine at 2 restaurants located on the 2nd floor and 4th floor of the 6-star Catherine Cruise will bring you delicate cuisine experience. 

Discover a unique cuisine journey on Catherine Cruise

Catherine Cruise not only gives visitors a wonderful cruise experience on Ha Long Bay but also makes a mark with a unique cuisine journey at two classy restaurants:

  1. Harmonia Restaurant – Classical Luxury
  • Located on the 2nd floor, Harmonia restaurant brings you cozy and luxurious space with classical design style.
  • Abundant buffet menu with Asian – European dishes prepared by skillful chefs
  • Enjoy the delicacy in each dish and thoughtful service of staff
  1. Ambrossia Restaurant – International cuisine experience
  • Located on the 4th floor, Ambrossia restaurant has modern and cool space.
  • Abundant international menu with the dished prepared from the freshest ingredients.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Ha Long Bay through the big windows of restaurant.

However you love the classical or modern style, Catherine Cruise can meet your cuisine needs:

  • Dishes presented beautifully and creatively.
  • Special impressive flavor meets all tastes
  • Professional and thoughtful service for perfect experience.

Classy service

Catherine Cruise offers visitors a unique resort experience with a variety of high-class entertainment services. The separate heated swimming pool must be stated. This is a remarkable difference compared with the other cruise on Ha Long Bay, which helps you fully enjoy your relaxing vacation.

Rooftop swimming pool of Catherine Cruise 

If you want to relax with professional spa treatments, Catherine spa will be a place you should not miss. Other activities include visiting the amazing cave system, admiring the mysterious beauty of nature, experiencing kayak, immersing yourself in the clear nature of Ha Long Bay, or playing golf on the mini golf course. All is minutely designed to diversify customers’ experience.

More than a cruise that brings you a classy vacation, we hope to create joyful moments and help visitors enjoy their live.

Please contact us for earliest booking advice via Hotline or Catherine Cruise Fanpage.


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