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About Us

A miniature resort serving all requirements will bring memorable moments of reinvigorating relaxation in the middle of the world-class wonder Ha Long Bay.

Catherine Cruise launched in October 2023 has a comfortable luxury space with an impressive design style. Having a length of 90m and a width of 15m, Catherine has the ability to accommodate up to 117 guests.

With a large room area from 40m2 to 200m2 and the romantic scenery of Ha Long Bay, Catherine Cruise will surely bring guests an extremely comfortable and luxurious experience every second and every corner.

Our Story

Inspired by the graceful beauty of Southeast Asian ladies, Catherine desires to praise and promote this preciousness with stories embedded in every experience of the voyage.


A combination of Indochine style and charming red sunset color creates a luxurious and elegant design for the cruise ship. Besides, curving figures on the ceilings and abstract images also illustrate the soothing beauty of women. Overall, Catherine is like a seductive lady enjoying herself in the turquoise water of Ha Long Bay.

Catherine devotes all her energies to offering you the best cruise experience in Ha Long Bay. The luxurious and comfortable relaxation is the most important thing on which we focus to bring you the feeling of being cared for by a woman’s hand.

With a great attempt to preserve the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay, Catherine is proud to be a pioneer in using modern machinery systems that do not emit emissions into the environment. Moreover, eco-friendly materials will completely replace plastic bottles to reduce plastic waste.

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